Strona Główna

Welcome to our family-owned herbal manufacturing venture, where tradition meets innovation. Founded and operated by myself and my partner, certified herbalists with training in monastic medicine from the Franciscan monastery in Panewniki, Poland.

Our forte lies in crafting compact, solid-bar cosmetics, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of the early Middle Ages. Our product line boasts tar-based ointments, potent herbal oils, artisanal broomstick incenses, and meticulously crafted herbal amulets.

Tar, a key ingredient in many of our formulations, harks back to its pivotal role in the histories of both Vikings and Slavs. We endeavor not only to offer exceptional products but also to breathe life into history, making it accessible and inspiring for all. Join us on this journey of discovery and rediscovery.

Supreme shower bars

Our inspiration draws deeply from the culture and tradition of Scandinavian herbal medicine, where nature has always been the cornerstone of health and harmony. Our bars are rich in ingredients sourced from these pristine terrains, providing you with unparalleled skincare experiences. Furthermore, our journeys to remote corners of the world are not just a passion but also a source of extraordinary inspiration. It’s there that we gather ideas to create products that will make your skincare routine exceptional, full of adventures and experiences.

Heritage of Healing: Medieval Balms and Ointments

Discover the secrets of skincare in the medieval era with our balms and ointments. We employ carefully selected natural ingredients and traditional recipes to bring you therapies cherished for centuries. Our products offer effective and safe skincare, enriched with herbal essences and essential oils. Step into the world of natural solutions, valued by our ancestors, and experience the harmony between nature and your skin.

Historical Herbology: Medieval Herbs and Blends

Our collection focuses on meticulously selected species that reflect the wealth of knowledge from the medieval era. All products have been gathered and prepared with the utmost care to preserve the authentic taste and aroma of herbs from that period. Through them, a remarkable array of culinary experiences unfolds, along with the opportunity to harness the medicinal properties that have fascinated and inspired naturalists and historians for centuries.

Herbal Incense: A Natural Cleansing Ritual

Immerse yourself in a refreshing cleansing ritual with our unique herbal incense made from Polish herbs. Crafted from the highest quality plant ingredients, our incense exudes the natural power of the earth. The gentle blend of mugwort, yarrow, St. John’s wort, wormwood, sage, and lavender creates a mystical atmosphere of harmony and tranquility. Their soothing smoke purifies both space and mind, opening the door to a new beginning. Choose our herbal incense and let the strength of nature fill your surroundings with purity and balance.

Sacred Guardian: Angelica Archangelica Root Amulet

An amulet made from the root of the Angelica archangelica litwor (Latin: Archangelica officinalis) is an extraordinary talisman that has been cherished for centuries in Scandinavia. The root of this plant, which belongs to the celery family, is an exceptional material with remarkable properties.

The amulet has the ability to strengthen the resilience of the nervous system, reminiscent of the action of ginseng root. According to folk beliefs, wearing this amulet around the neck was believed to ward off evil spells and protect against negative influences from the surroundings. This extraordinary blend of nature and tradition renders this amulet exceptionally valuable and unique in its kind.

Early Medieval Talismans: Stones vs. Bones

Our amulets are mystical talismans crafted from stones with unique energetic properties or carefully selected bones, carrying symbolism and power within. The artisan’s handiwork ensures not only a distinctive appearance but also durability and quality. Wearing our amulets integrates the spirit of the early medieval era into your life, aiding in finding inner harmony and guidance. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a talisman that inspires and protects on your life’s journey.

The Petroglyph-Inspired Stone Soap Dishes: Timeless Elegance for Your Bathroom

Elevate your bathroom with distinctive accents – our soap dishes, meticulously crafted from stone and embellished with intricately carved patterns inspired by petroglyphs. Each one is a miniature masterpiece, where time-honored motifs spring to life on the polished surface of the stone. Experience the seamless blend of nature and artistry in our stone soap dishes, bringing an essence of history into your space.

The Age of Elegance: Early Medieval-inspired Furniture and Accessories

Explore our exceptional collection inspired by the early Middle Ages. In our online store, you’ll find extraordinary furniture and accessories that will transport you to the magical world of bygone eras. Sit comfortably on our unique African chairs, store your treasures in Hedeby-style bag closures, and complete your grooming routine with one-of-a-kind combs. Illuminate your home with remarkable lamps, and enhance your cooking experience with our handcrafted cutting boards. All products reflect the mysticism and beauty of the early Middle Ages, creating a unique historical atmosphere in your interior.